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INOGEV - Innovation for a sustainable management of pollution in cities

Stormwater pollution

Presentation of the project

INOGEV, funded by the Research National Agency (ANR) is a research project directed by IFSTTAR (and IRSTV) during 4 years (2010-2013). This research was carried out in the frame of the 3 French observatories for urban hydrology gathering as URBIS.

The reduction of pollutant discharges to limit their impact on the environment is a major preoccupation of most cities. Indeed, urban discharges are considered as a major cause of the deterioration observed in receiving waters. Water regulation is becoming more and more stringent. In this context, the INOGEV project aimed at helping water managers from local governments to define efficient strategies for the management of pollutant fluxes by analyzing the transfer of knowledge between research results and technicians. The system considered in this study is an urban separate catchment where different compartments are taken into account (atmosphere, surfaces, catchment outlet).

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Link to presentations of the national conference INOGEDEP
3-5 December 2013 (in French)

Final reports (in French)

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