Technical tours

Thursday 7 June afternoon - 2 technical tours and 1 urban bicycle ride

1 - The nuclear power plant of St Alban St Maurice

Visit organised and hosted by EDF - FULLY BOOKED
The St Alban St Maurice nuclear power plant is located in St Maurice (approx. 45min from Lyon), on a 180-hectare platform along the Rhône river. Equipped with two pressurized water reactors (PWR) of 1,300 MW each, which started in 1985 and 1986, Power plant of St Alban St Mauriceit produces on average 18 billion kWh per year, the equivalent of almost 25% of the electricity needs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
A major work and maintenance activity is planned on the site until 2020 with the "Grand Carenage", a vast investment programme that EDF is launching on its nuclear fleet to extend its operating life beyond the usual 40 years. This is a territorial project (1 billion euros for the St Alban power station over the period 2015-2020), with strong economic impacts, particularly in terms of local employment.

>> >> Because of security regulations in a power plant, participants to this visit can enter the site only if they bring their valid ID card or passport (which copy has already been sent to the secretariat). Electronic equipments, pictures and cameras (of all sorts, mobile phones included) are forbidden in the power plant, they will have to be dropped off at the Public Information Centre of the plant. The site is not accessible to wheelchair users.
The site is not accessible to wheelchair users. For the power plant visit, the participants have to wear flat, closed shoes, socks and clothes covering the arms and legs.

2 - Discover the issues related to the Rhone River near ​​Péage-de-Roussillon

Visit organised and hosted by CNR - FULLY BOOKED
CNR offers you an itinerary to discover the issues related to the Rhône River in the area of ​​Péage-de-Roussillon. Two issues will be developed during this visit: (1) the ecological rehabilitation of the river banks and (2) the management to ensure the anthropic uses of hydropower and navigation. The old Rhone of Péage-de-Roussillon, home to the national nature reserve of Île de la Platière, is a site of great ecological interest. It is the subject of a vast environmental programme of preservation and development.Vue du site de l’Île des Graviers après travaux de réactivation des marges alluviales du RhôneA focus will be made on the dismantling of dikes and spikes of the 19th century, originally designed for the navigability of the Rhone. This operation aims to reactivate the sedimentary dynamics and improve the ecological functioning of the section.

Parallel to the old Rhône, a 16-km diversion channel has been developed to meet the energy needs and for river transport. It has a hydroelectric plant of 160 MW and a large lock, whose management will be presented.

>> Please wear closed shoes, adapted for walking on a nature reserve path.

3 - Urban bicyle ride: the Rhône river at the service of the city

Visit organised and hosted by the Metropolis of Lyon - FULLY BOOKED
Balade urbaine à vélo : le Rhône au service de la villeThe Metropolis of Lyonoffers youa 10-km bicycle ride to discover,on the banks of the Rhone,the links between a river and a city:
- visit of the former Caluire water plant with exceptional industrial heritage, listed in the French Historical Monuments Records since 1988: pump, vaulted filter basins;
- discovery of the Bretillod 'nature in the city' area, the "passerelle de la Paix" (pedestrian bridge), the hydraulic threshold of Caluire...

>> Do not forget to bring suitable shoes and sun or rain protection accessories! We will provide you with a helmet and a yellow safety vest.

Friday 8 June, for the whole day - 1 technical tour

The Ain river by canoe: its dynamics and richness

Visit organised by ZABR, SR3A and the Conseil Départemental du Jura
ZABR and the SR3A (Joint Association of the Ain river and tributaries) offer you to discover the lower Ain valley, a multi-challenged territory with an outstanding natural environment, giving to that river a rather preserved and natural character.

The Ain River, recognizable by its pebbles, flows through a territory where agricultural activities prevail. Thanks to its proximity with the city of Lyon and the richness of its environment and landscape, the Ain valley is quite touristic. These last years, the river stakeholders and ZABR scientists have been working together to understand the dynamics of the Ain river and watershed, in order to make sustainable and shared management recommendations.

This tour – by bus and canoe – is an opportunity for you to discover:
• The natural behavior of the river: its geomorphic and ecological dynamics, the river compartment interactions, the importance of underground waters for an environmental balance
• Stakeholder and user perception of the river management issues
• The role and work of stakeholders engaged in the lower Ain valley management
• Innovative restoration operations in cooperation with ZABR scientists
• The remarkable sites of the lower Ain valley (from Priay to the confluence with the Rhône river)

Come and enjoy the richness of the Ain River!

>> Part of the tour is by canoe, so please wear adapted clothes: closed shoes (plastic or trainers), sun protection (or rain, depending on the weather), a towel and change clothes.