Last Workshop in Lyon

Workshop : Multicriteria analysis and catchment-scale modelling and for the development of stormwater source control and harvesting strategies - Sunday 23 June 2013 - INSA of Lyon, Villeurbanne FRANCE

Control of stormwater at the source is a principle of increasing interest, both in urban and peri-urban environments. It involves the implementation at a range of scales of stormwater management systems, including stormwater harvesting, with the consequence that stormwater management is not much more multi-functional and decentralised than previously. Whilst the management of stormwater at a decentralised, local scale provides a number of advantages, generalising such techniques is less straightforward.

This workshop, organised jointly by the IWA/IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) working groups : SOCOMA (Source Control Management) and Stormwater Harvesting provides an opportunity to discussion two important questions :

1. How to model the impact of source control and stormwater harvesting at the catchment scale ? What effects will they have on the flow regimes of receiving waters ? What indicators should we use to assess these ?

2. How should we take into account the multiple benefits provided by source control systems.

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