IRMISE Arve aval

IRMISE is a Franco-Swiss Interreg project, carried out between 2013 and june 2015 and focusing on the impact of Micropollutant (and pharmaceutical) Discharges from wastewater treatment plants downstream of the Arve catchment and on the Genevese Aquifer, based on the Bellecombe site – SIPIBEL.

This project integrated SIPIBEL in a larger and cross-border framework and extends the micropollutants and their impact issues in the whole water cycle.


The projet

1-A field observatory aiming to monitor effluents (pharmaceuticals, antibiotic resistance…), Arve river, Rhône and genevese aquifer

2-Micropolluant flow modelling

3-A strategic study that puts into perspective the other project actions, creates dialogue between local water and health stakeholders and aims to build water management and micropollutant flow scenarios.

4- Communication : website, Water and Health Conference "Pharmaceuticals in the urban water cycle"...



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