The Rhone Basin Long Term Environment Research (a scientific label of the CNRS) comprises Observatory and Experimental Sites. It is the support of research programmes that bring elements of knowledge to stakeholders and to public decision-makers, in the field of sustainable management of rivers and watersheds.
It aims to provide to decision makers a methodology to evaluate the effects of watershed rehabilitation or restoration on river hydrosystems, in terms of biodiversity, sustainability (lasting effects), ecological services and potential uses.


The Group of research, technical coordination and water information, is a non-profit organisation created in 1985. Its aim is to contribute to the coordination of supply and demand of research in the field of urban water management. Its scope of activities includes the organisation of interdisciplinary working groups with partners and scientists of complementary qualifications, and the synthesis and dissemination of knowledge in this field. The organisation of the NOVATECH conferences is an example of such activities.

For this I.S.Rivers conference, the combination of ZABR and GRAIE allows to lean on:

the scientific network of ZABR, nationally and internationally recognised for its quality and its enhancement activities implemented with the GRAIE

the GRAIE which organised ten editions of "Novatech" and has demonstrated all seriousness, rigor and dynamism in international conferences organisation (the last edition was attended by 500 participants over 4 days)