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Tuesday 23 June, 2015 - Opening plenary

Résumé Ramon Batalla Ramon J. Batalla,
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography,
Lleida University, Spain
Dammed rivers: the case of the Ebro
Résumé John T. Andrew John T. Andrew,
Assistant Deputy Director,
California Department of Water Resources, USA
Adapt, flee, or perish: responses to climate change for California's water sector
Résumé Jean-Paul Bravard Jean-Paul Bravard,
Emeritus geography professor,
Lumière Lyon 2 University, France
Former President of the ZABR
Dams and river continuum, focus on a recent history

Tuesday 23 June, 2015 - Oral presentations

A1 - History of uses and fish biodiversity (1/2) - Tuesday 14.00-15.45
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 14.00 Haidvogl G., Gruber C.,
Pont D.
AUSTRIA Using historical fish market data (1880 - 1914) to reconstruct fish composition changes of the Austrian Danube at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century A
  14.20 Lenders R. NETHERLANDS Fish and fisheries in the Lower Rhine 1550-1950: an ecological perspective A
Résumé 14.40 Pont D., Logez M., Carrel G., Haidvogl G. FRANCE Modelling the historical distribution of fish species in large alpine catchments (Rhone, Upper Danube) at the beginning of the 20th century: comparison with historical fish maps and long term change A
Résumé 15.00 Hohensinner S., Drescher A., Eckmüllner O., Egger G., Gierlinger S., Hager H., Haidvogl G. AUSTRIA Wood resources in dynamic Danube floodplains – historical reconstruction and implications for management and restoration A
B1 - Regional hydromorphology - Tuesday 14.00-16.00
Résumé 14.00 Grivel S., Melun G., Alber A. FRANCE For a multi-scale integrated approach in hydromorphology: improving knowledge and operational requirements (France) B
Résumé 14.20 Bizzi S., Demarchi L., Weissteiner C.,
Van De Bund W., Piégay H.
ITALY The use of remote sensing data for regional hydromorphological characterization B
Résumé 14.40 Alber A., Piégay H., Belletti B. FRANCE Managing the laterally active rivers of the Rhône basin: production of large-scale thematic maps for helping managers to plan preservation and restoration of the erodible corridor B
Résumé 15.00 Rinaldi M., Belletti B., Bussettini M., Comiti F., Golfieri B., Lastoria B.,
Nardi L., Surian N.
ITALY New tools for the hydromorphological assessment of European streams B
Résumé 15.20 Fuller I., Death R., Death A. NEW ZEALAND Developing an index of natural character to monitor change in river condition in response to river engineering B
C1 - Ecological continuity (1/2) - Tuesday 14.00-15.45
Résumé 14.00 Gouraud V., Baril D., Barillier A., Tissot L., Cattanéo F. FRANCE Impact of the hydroelectric facilities: how to identify the efficient mitigation measures? C
Résumé 14.20 Harby A., Forseth T., Charmasson J. NORWAY Environmental design of regulated rivers C
Résumé 14.40 Stickler M., Odelberg A. NORWAY Environmental design of regulated rivers- Case Ljungan River Sweden C
Résumé 15.00 Scheikl S., Mielach C., Schmutz S., Schinegger R., Muhar S., Neubarth J. AUSTRIA Enhancing transparency in hydropower development– a strategic approach to balance conflicting aims of energy provision and conservation C
D1 - City (1/2) - Tuesday 14.00-15.45
Résumé 14.00 Serra-Llobet A.,
Hermida-Palacios M.A.
ECUADOR Cities and Rivers in Latin America: challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Green Infrastructure in Ecuador D
Résumé 14.20 Pinto P., Kondolf G.M. USA Rivers in urban history: tales of fear, harmony, destruction, and opportunity D
Résumé 14.40 Brun A., Pustelnik G.,
Thieleke R.
FRANCE Greater Bordeaux: what regional project for the valley of the Dordogne? D
Résumé 15.00 Lecoeur L., Pires O.,
Guillon A.
FRANCE The Seine riverbanks in the City: A focus of tensions between a dense riverside habitat and a public aspiring to reclaim unique natural spaces D
A2 - History of uses and fish biodiversity (1/2) - Tuesday 16.15-17.30
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 16.15 Légat L. FRANCE Jonage canal: both a source of hydroelectric power and an environmental issue A
Résumé 16.35 James A. USA Geomorphic Trajectories in the Lower Yuba River, California after 150 Years of Severe Human Disturbance A
Résumé 16.55 Meybeck M., Lestel L., Billen G., Mouchel J.-M., Garnier J., Carré C. FRANCE “Longue Durée” trajectories of river chemical quality indicators: the Seine case study (1900s-2010) A
B2 - Regional ecological assessment - Tuesday 16.15-18.00
Résumé 16.15 Reyjol Y., Dupont P. FRANCE Biological evaluation of French very large rivers in a WFD context: where are we, where do we go now? B
Résumé 16.35 Cernesson F., Lalande N., Tournoud M.-G. FRANCE Interaction between land use and ecological quality of rivers: modeling based on monitoring network B
  16.55 Muhar S., Schmutz S.,
Schinegger R.
AUSTRIA Conservation of freshwater ecosystems: a pan-Alpine perspective B
Résumé 17.15 Andriamahefa H., Charrais J.,
Da Costa P., Detry P., Malavoi J.-R., Berne A.
FRANCE The French Ecolabel “Wild River Site”: a New Conservation Tool for Outstanding Rivers B
C2 - Ecological continuity (2/2) - Tuesday 16.15-18.15
Résumé 16.15 Danneels P., Maman L. FRANCE The Restoration of ecological continuities and wetlands of the Loire basin, in the Loire management program 2007-2014 C
Résumé 16.35 Baril D., Chanseau M., Céciliot E., Roche P., Valadou B. FRANCE Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Additional Hydroelectric Projects on Neotropical Freshwater Ecosystem in French Guiana C
Résumé 16.55 Le Calvez C., Dupont N., Hellier E. FRANCE Ecological continuity implementation of rivers in Brittany: what sort of consultation with water users? C
Résumé 17.15 Buisson M., Manin O.,
Guitard L., Roure F.
FRANCE Feedback about 8 fishpasses on the Isere river with different configurations and associated monitoring functionality C
Résumé 17.35 Lacuisse D. FRANCE Methodology for Rhine French tributary restoration through ecological continuity and bed variety C
D2 - City (2/2) - Tuesday 16.15-18.00
Résumé 16.15 Latkar P., Bhagawant P.,
Borwanker S.
INDIA Reconnecting with rivers in the realm of today's urbanization: A Case of four Indian Rivers D
Résumé 16.35 Santasusagna Riu A.,
Parmentier H., Clémençon A.-S.
SPAIN Land-use change in riverfront areas. Two case studies: Lyon (France) and Lleida (Spain) D
Résumé 16.55 Rode S. FRANCE The layout of the Têt and of the Basse in Perpignan: town planning, but which kind of town planning? D
Résumé 17.15 Scherrer F., Mosbah C. CANADA Overview and agenda of Quebec’s research on the Saint Lawrence River in metropolitan Montreal D

Tuesday 23 June, 2015 - Poster presentations

  List of authors Country Title Session
Résumé Fruget J.-F., Meunier T., Centofanti M., Dessaix J. FRANCE Corbicula fluminea as biological sentinel of the contamination of rivers by persistent organic pollutants: the example of the Rhône River A7
Résumé Nogaro G., Dagens N., Feret T., Delattre C., Chauvin C. FRANCE Interannual dynamic of macrophytic communities: long-term chronicles on two French large rivers A7
Résumé Babut M., Labadie P., Budzinski H., Bertin D., Munoz G. FRANCE Contamination of benthic invertebrates and fish by perfluorinated compounds in the Rhone River (France) A7
Résumé Hardenbicker P., Ritz S., Schoell F., Fischer H. GERMANY Longitudinal phytoplankton development in two large rivers A7
Résumé Sourd M., Grivel S., Marchadour B., Lahner V., Pilard A. FRANCE Hydromorphological assessment for the study of evolution of Terns in the Loire Basin (France) A7
Résumé Roset N., Parussatti S., Sadot M., Lorieau F., Lefebre S. FRANCE Long term monitoring of the Rhone River fish community – Network evolution and methodological changes A7
Résumé Belletti B., Rinaldi M., Comiti F., Nardi L., Mao L., Bussettini M. ITALY The Geomorphic Units survey and classification System (GUS) B1
Résumé Gautier J.-N., Alber A. FRANCE SYRAH: a guidance tool for the hydromorphological restoration of rivers B1
Résumé Ioana-Toroimac G., Zaharia L. ROMANIA Morphological approach of braided rivers quality. A case study in Romania B1
Résumé Van Looy K., Piffady J. FRANCE Dynamics and Persistence of populations in riparian corridors B6
Résumé Garófano-Gómez V., Corenblit D., Steiger J., Moulia B., Ploquin S., Chaleil P., Forestier O., Evette A., González E., Hortobágyi B., Lambs L. FRANCE Response of black poplar (Populus nigra L.) to hydrogeomorphological constraints: a semi-controlled ex situ experiment B6
Résumé Marin S., Jorge V., Guerin V., Villar M. FRANCE Small-scale spatial genetic structure of Populus nigra L. seedlings on a new sandy-gravelly bar appeared after maintenance operations in the Loire River (France) B6
Résumé Benacchio V., Piégay H., Buffin-Bélanger T., Vaudor L., Michel K. FRANCE Use of ground cameras to monitor riverscape changes: example for wood rafts and ice covers dynamics B6
Résumé Denux O., Dauffy-Richard E., Ndiaye A., Rossi J.-P., Augustin S. FRANCE Short-term impact of the island levelling in mid-Loire river on the recolonization by ground beetles B6
Résumé Hortobágyi B., Vautier F., Burkart A., Wrobel T., Peiry J.-L., Steiger J., Corenblit D. FRANCE Use of photogrammetry for the study of riparian vegetation dynamics B6
Résumé Greulich S., Gaudet C., Fillatre Y. FRANCE Seedbanks in fluvial pioneer habitats and their role in colonization of newly created habitats – an example from the middle Loire River (France) B6
Résumé Rodríguez-González P.M., Albuquerque A., Martínez-Almarza M., Díaz-Delgado R. PORTUGAL Spatio-temporal vegetation indicators of Southern European floodplain forests vulnerability B6
Résumé González E., Sher A., Tabacchi E., Masip A., Poulin M. FRANCE How has restoration of riparian vegetation been implemented and evaluated in the international literature? B6
Résumé Chapuis M., Cilici G., Maussin M. FRANCE Environments continuities and flood risk mitigation at catchment scale: which management scales and which level of achievement are suitable according to the purpose of the project? C1
Résumé Hénaff Q., Arnaud-Fassetta G., Beltrando G. FRANCE Downstream Rhône River hydro-meteorological disasters are they geographical events? C7
Résumé Plancot C., Dauphin Y., Lecoeur L. FRANCE Flood Defences of the Left Bank Valley project (Hauts-de-Seine): How can land use planning contribute to better flood prevention? C7
Résumé Gentric J., Billy P. FRANCE Managing flood risks in the Rhone valley: the essential role of studies, research and methodological tools C7
Résumé Jacquinod F. FRANCE 3D geovisualizations for flood mitigation planning : a tool to enhance collaboration between praticioners, elected representatives and citizens C7
Résumé Boudeffa A.M. FRANCE The Urban Community of Strasbourg facing climatic risks: the programs for flood management C7
Résumé Bruzzone S., Levy L., Fournier M. FRANCE When the risk becomes opportunity: flooding as possibility for urban agglomerations to affirm themselves in local governance C7
Résumé Lorca A. FRANCE Strategy of management of a metropolitan river. The example of the Metropolis of Grand Paris D1
Résumé Pires O., David F., Boussoffara R. FRANCE The footbridge – or how a great river reconnected with the city D1
Résumé Voisin L., Servain S., Bonthoux S. FRANCE Urban fringes landscapes, a revival of the territorial public action? D1
Résumé Galvao R. BRAZIL First steps for improvements in urban rivers: the case of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil D1

Wednesday 24 June, 2015 - Oral presentations

A3 - Sediment continuity and dams - Wednesday 8.30-10.30
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 8.30 Flaminio S., Boyer A.-L., Cottet M.,
Le Lay Y.-F., Ottini L.
FRANCE Breaking down Discourses on a Dammed River A
Résumé 8.50 Randle T. USA Erosion of reservoir sediment from the removal of two large dams on the Elwha river, Washington, USA A
Résumé 9.10 Richard N., Juge P., Rodrigues S. FRANCE "Maisons-Rouges" dam removal impacts on the sedimentary dynamic and on the biodiversity of the Vienne and Creuse Rivers (France) A
Résumé 9.30 Kondolf G.M. USA Hungry water and sustainable management of sediment in regulated rivers A
Résumé 9.50 Downs P. UNITED KINGDOM A multi-proxy approach for assessing the downstream impact of dams on upland river systems ahead of gravel augmentation A
B3 - Former channels - Wednesday 8.30-10.15
Résumé 8.30 Riquier J., Piégay H., Lamouroux N. FRANCE Predicting grain size patterns and the propensity to accumulate fine particle deposits of restored floodplain channels (Rhône River) B
Résumé 8.50 Lehotský M., Matečný I., Rusnák M. SLOVAKIA Changes in connectivity and diversity of the Slovak part of the Danube anabranching reach as response to Gab?ikovo water–work construction and remediation scenarios B
Résumé 9.10 Reynier T., Lachat B., Morand D., Steinle A., Garnier A., Barillier A. FRANCE Restoration of an old bed of the river Rhine on the Kembs island: Innovative processes and tools in an ambitious site's service B
Résumé 9.30 Eschbach D., Schmitt L., Trémolières M., Grac C., Beisel J.-N., Finaud-Guyot P., Weill S., Payraudeau S., Imfeld G., Grussenmeyer P. FRANCE Functional restoration of a Rhine anastomosing channel: temporal trajectory, initial state, post-restoration monitoring, modelling (Upper Rhine, France, Rohrschollen island) B
C3 - Restoration monitoring (1/2) - Wednesday 8.30-10.15
Résumé 8.30 Buijse T. NETHERLANDS Hydromorphology of European rivers: impacts of regulation and benefits of rehabilitation C
Résumé 8.50 Wong R., Kondolf G.M. USA Aging infrastructure and the future of the concrete channel: drivers and barriers to re-invention C
Résumé 9.10 Staentzel C., Beisel J.-N., Durand P., Combroux I., Trémolières M.,
Barillier A.
FRANCE Feedback of a bank controlled erosion project in the Old Rhine: monitoring of macroinvertebrates, fish and aquatic & riparian plants C
Résumé 9.30 Arnaud F., Staentzel C., Beisel J.-N., Piégay H., Grac C., Trémolières M., Combroux I., Schmitt L., Barillier A., Garnier A. FRANCE Geomorphic and ecological monitoring of an experimental sediment reintroduction into the Rhine River downstream of the Kembs dam C
Résumé 9.50 Langendoen E., Abad J., Bennett S. USA A multifaceted approach to prioritize and design bank stabilization measures along the Big Sioux River, South Dakota, USA C
D3 - Historical trajectories - Wednesday 8.30-10.15
Résumé 8.30 Groparu T., Carozza J.-M., Valette P., Tudor M., Burens A., Carozza L. FRANCE The Interest of geohistorical approaches for wetland management: the case of the Danube Delta D
Résumé 8.50 David M., Labenne A., Carozza J.-M., Valette P. FRANCE Trajectory of change in the middle Garonne river during the last 150 years : learning of Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) in the study of historical maps D
Résumé 9.10 Marchese E., Comiti F. ITALY Morphological changes in rivers of South Tyrol (Italian Alps) attributable to climate variations occurred after the Little Ice Age D
Résumé 9.30 Mourier B., Lenain J.-F., Desmet M., Develle A.-L., Babut M., Roux G., Winiarski T. FRANCE XRF scanning of sediment cores from the Rhône River: an estimation of trajectories of metal contamination? D
A4 - Mobility and river management - Wednesday 10.45-12.45
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 10.45 Cristini A., Mano V., Koulinski V., Boissier M. FRANCE Morphological changes in the bed of the Isère: summary assessment, contribution to the definition of a management plan and assistance to stakeholders A
Résumé 11.05 Rusnák M., Lehotský M., Sládek J. SLOVAKIA Geomorphic adjustment of a gravel bed meandering river as response to contemporary floods and management issues (The Ondava River, Eastern Slovakia) A
Résumé 11.25 Dépret T., Gautier E., Hooke J., Grancher D., Virmoux C., Brunstein D. FRANCE Causes of planform stability of a low-energy meandering gravel-bed river (Cher River, France) A
Résumé 11.45 Pinte K., Clutier A., Schmitt L., Aelbrecht D., Skupinsky G.,
Eschbach D., Hubeny A.
FRANCE Restoring a large by-passed river reach (Old Rhine, France) by controlled lateral erosion: first results concerning bathymetry, topography, bedload survey and grain size analysis A
Résumé 12.05 Baran R., Aufleger M., Steinbacher F. AUSTRIA Airborne Hydromapping – a comprehensive tool for sustainable river management A
B4 - Alluvial margins, river borders - Wednesday 10.45-12.45
Résumé 10.45 Mehdi L., Di Petro F. FRANCE Estimation of ecological connectivity of artificial wetlands to “green network plan” B
Résumé 11.05 Masson A.-L., Wirz C., Moiroud C. FRANCE Hydro-ecological restoration of the alluvial margins along the Rhône river: contribution of hydraulic modelling to the design process B
Résumé 11.25 Winiarski T., Roux G., Moiroud C. FRANCE Sediment characterization and estimation of PCB volume and mass in a Girardon type spur dike field (Rhone): optimization by coupling core and GPR profile analyses B
Résumé 11.45 Räpple B., Piégay H.,
Seignemartin G., Villet O., Franquet E.
FRANCE Artificial wetlands on the Rhône River: a comparative approach to investigate their evolution and hydro-sedimentary functioning B
Résumé 12.05 Claret C., Priour L., Oursel B., Vienney A., Logez M., Fayolle S., Bertrand C., Marmonier P., Franquet E. FRANCE Link between connectivity and benthic layer functioning: example of the dike fields along the Rhône River B
C4 - Restoration monitoring (2/2) - Wednesday 10.45-12.30
Résumé 10.45 Olivier J.-M., Lamouroux N., Sivade E., Zylberblat M., Castella E., Piégay H., Forcellini M., Mérigoux-Lhopital S., Riquier J., Paillex A., Dolédec S., Vaudor L., Daufresne M. FRANCE Hydaulic and ecological restoration of the Rhône River: feed-back and lessons C
Résumé 11.05 Gerber F. SWITZERLAND A new design to create a watercourse: the river Aire in Geneva C
Résumé 11.25 Laffont Y., Moiroud C., Buisson M.,
Grenier M.
FRANCE Hydro-ecological restoration along the Romanche River: study methodology and first experience feedbacks C
Résumé 11.45 Grenier M. FRANCE The Romanche Séchilienne project: an integrated and opportunistic approach to river development C
D4 - Adaptation to climate change - Wednesday 10.45-12.45
Résumé 10.45 Dhénain S., Grelot F., Brémond P. FRANCE Can adaptation renew flood management and prevention? D
Résumé 11.05 Chazot S., Sivade E., Fenart P.,
Chauveau M., Mahe M., Bergé F.
FRANCE How abundant is the Rhone? Assessment of the water footprint and its effects on present and possible future streamflow D
Résumé 11.25 Mendoza E., Reis V., Brown I.,
De Wit F., Silva S., Palomino W., Fuentes H., Torres J.O., Reyes J., Lopes E., Gomes J., Bracciali A.,
Fenzl N., Apostolova M.
BRAZIL Adaptation to Climate Change in the Transboundary MAP Region D
Résumé 11.45 Collas F., Hendriks A.J.,
Van Der Velde G., Leuven R.S.E.W.
NETHERLANDS The combined effects of desiccation, temperature and salinity on mollusc species during extremely low discharges of rivers D
Résumé 12.05 Mathlouthi M., Lebdi F. TUNISIA Occurrence of extreme dry events in Lower Medjerda Valley (Tunisia) D
A5 - Ecosystem goods and services (1/2) - Wednesday 14.00-15.30
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 14:00 Kamara S., Martin P., Couly A. SENEGAL The Senegal middle valley, between corridor and isolate. An overview of new economic and spatial dynamics since the set-up of major hydraulic redevelopments in Manantali and Diama A
Résumé 14.20 Koopman R., Lenders R., Leuven R., Breure T., Augustijn D. NETHERLANDS How to quantify spatiotemporal development of riverine ecosystem services? A
Résumé 14.40 Neskovic M., Hein A. GERMANY Rivers as social assets in urbanised areas: A cost-benefit analysis for bathing in the river Ruhr using contingent valuation method A
Résumé 15.00 Matzek V., Puleston C., Gunn J. USA Carbon credits as a means of financing ecological restoration of riparian forest, Sacramento River, California, USA A
B5 - Stream-aquifer interactions - Wednesday 14.00-15.45
Résumé 14.00 Bonneu A., Espitalier-Noel G.,
Torguet P., Jessel J.-P., Sanchez-Pérez J.-M., Vervier P., Sauvage S.
FRANCE Simulation of hydrodynamic functioning of wetlands in alluvial plains B
Résumé 14.20 Paran F., Graillot D., Bornette G., Marmonier P., Arthaud F., Piscart C., Lavastre V., Flipo N., Mouhri A., Vergnes J.-P., Habets F., Tallec G., Chatelier M., Cadilhac L., Maugis P., Augeard B. FRANCE Characterization of the interaction between surface water and groundwater: a scientific practical guidebook B
Résumé 14.40 Flipo N., Rivière A., Mouhri A., Cuisinier E., Pasquet S., Bodet L., Rejiba F., Jost A., Berrhouma A., Tallec G., Durand V., Ansart P.,
Baudin A., Goblet P.
FRANCE Quantification of high frequency stream-aquifer exchanges from the local to the watershed scale B
Résumé 15.00 Wawrzyniak V., Piégay H.,
Allemand P., Grandjean P., Goma R.
FRANCE Characterization of thermal refuges along the lower Ain River using thermal infrared remote sensing: implications for conservation and restoration B
C5 - Governance (1/2) - Wednesday 14.00-15.30
Résumé 14.00 Allard P. FRANCE Periodization of the interactions between society and the river ecosystem: The Rhone over time C
Résumé 14.20 Mathurin J.-L., Levasseur L., Cote M. FRANCE CNR model, or how to reconcile management, economic development and sustainable development of a large navigable river C
Résumé 14.40 Comby E., Le Lay Y.-F., Piégay H. FRANCE From Risk Management to Integrated River Management? Comparing the Rhône River with the Sacramento River C
Résumé 15.00 Salinas Palacios D. FRANCE The territorial articulation of the International Tagus River Basin in the context of Water Framework Directive: between conflict and compromise C
D5 - Water quality and ecosystems - Wednesday 14.00-15.30
Résumé 14.00 Carre C., Meybeck M., Esculier F.,
Moatar F., Boccarossa A.
FRANCE French rivers and their quality objectives: from monitoring station to fluxes to the oceans D
Résumé 14.20 Farinetti A. FRANCE Values and criminal law protection of water quality: diachronic approach D
Résumé 14.40 Coularis C., Tisnérat-Laborde N., Fontugne M., Pastor L., Siclet F.,
Alberic P.
FRANCE Seasonal evolution of carbon exchanges between the different compartments of carbon (DIC, DOC and POC) using carbon isotopes (12C, 13C and 14C) in the Loire river basin D
Résumé 15.00 Radakovitch O., Gairoard S.,
Coquery M., Launay M., Le Coz J.,
Angot H., Fornier M., Le Bescond C., Eyrolle-Boyer F., Dabrin A.
FRANCE Dealing with particulate trace metal data in a large river system: examples from the Rhone Sediment Observatory D
A6 - Ecosystem goods and services (2/2) - Wednesday 16.00-17.45
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 16.00 Brierley G., Salmond A., Cullum C., Tadaki M., Fenemor A. NEW ZEALAND The Te Awaroa Project: Enhancing the ora of New Zealand rivers A
Résumé 16.20 Krishnapillai S.N. INDIA Environmental and socio-economic issues associated with the impact of climate change on the rivers of India A
Résumé 16.40 Sharma S.K. INDIA Socio-environmental challenges of the river Ganges in India A
Résumé 17.00 Raderbauer H.J., Konradi C.,
Wimmer T.
AUSTRIA Strategic river management for considerations in the power and water management sector in Styria/Austria A
B6 - Alluvial forests - Wednesday 16.00-18.00
Résumé 16.00 Pont B. FRANCE Structure and dynamic of alluvial forests in french nature reserves network B
Résumé 16.20 Bourgeois B., Vanasse A., Andersen R., González E., Poulin M. CANADA Plant succession following restoration of riparian communities by tree plantation in agricultural landscapes B
Résumé 16.40 Roché J.E., Devictor V., Faivre B., Frochot B., Desbrosses R.,
Eybert M.-C.
FRANCE Riparian forest dynamics along breaded rivers (Loire, Allier, Doubs) assessed by long term study of bird communities B
Résumé 17.00 Suárez A., Golcher C., Rojas D., Baldioceda A. COSTA RICA Water quality and riparian areas evaluation at the Liberia River Basin, Guanacaste, Costa Rica B
Résumé 17.20 Stella J., Piégay H., Riddle J., Gruel C., Raepple B. USA Riparian forest impacts and dynamics on large rivers managed for multiple uses; insights from the Sacramento (California, USA) and Rhône (France) B
C6 - Governance (2/2) - Wednesday 16.00-17.45
Résumé 16.00 Cardona Almeida C.A.,
Garay Bohorquez C.
COLOMBIA Magdalena River: a Tropical Institutionally Complex System, River and River Basin Strategies C
Résumé 16.20 Khaladi A., Pressiat F.,
Simonnot J.-L.
FRANCE French-Albanian cooperation for the integrated water resources management of river: Vjosa C
Résumé 16.40 Manin O., Grenier M., Belleville L. FRANCE Dialogue and communication feedback about integrated projects on the Isere and Romanche rivers C
Résumé 17.00 Haghe J.-P., Guerri O., Ozenne M., Jeanneau N. FRANCE The riparian owners, unsung heroes for the management of rivers and aquatic environment C
D6 - Water quality and toxicity - Wednesday 16.00-18.00
Résumé 16.00 Matzinger A., Wicke D., Schubert R.-L., Quilitzki J., Caradot N., Sonnenberg H., Heinzmann B., Dünnbier U., Von Seggern D., Rouault P. GERMANY Stormwater runoff leads to pollution peaks in small urban stream D
Résumé 16.20 Singer M., Harrison L., Blum J., Donavan P., Marvin-Dipasquale M. UNITED KINGDOM Geomorphology, hydrology, and the bioavailability of mercury to riverine food webs D
Résumé 16.40 Frémion F., Courtin-Nomade A., Bordas F., Mourier B. FRANCE Impact of hydroelectric plants exploitation on the evolution of water quality: mobility of metals and metalloids D
Résumé 17.00 Strady E., Némery J., Dang H.,
Nguyen D., Nguyen T.P., Gratiot N., Legout C.
FRANCE Impact of urban effluents from Ho Chi Minh City on the dynamics of trace metals and nutrients in the Saigon River (Vietnam) D
Résumé 17.20 Thieu V., Silvestre M., Billen G., Garnier J., Passy P., Lassaletta L. FRANCE Nutrient transfer in aquatic continuum and delivery to coastal zone: rising up the challenge of a generic application of the Riverstrahler ecological model to the watershed domain of the European North Atlantic Ocean D

Wednesday 24 June, 2015 - Poster presentations

  List of authors Country Title Session
Résumé Andre A., Magnan D., Malbrunot A. FRANCE Sediment transport and morphology of SANAGA River (CAMEROUN) close to Nachtigal dam site A3
Résumé Ravelojaona T., Peiry J.-L.,
Vautier F.
FRANCE Geomorphic characterization of the bypass channel of Poutès, upper Allier river (France): preliminary results before the dam removing A3
Résumé Naudet G., Le Coz J., Camenen B., Paquier A., Piégay H. FRANCE Numerical modelling contribution to sedimentary redynamisation projects in the Ain River A3
Résumé Lemaire J. FRANCE Impact of hydraulic structures on sediment transport: scientific theory to practice (for low-energy rivers) A3
Résumé Malavoi J.-R., Loire R. FRANCE Sedimentary state diagnosis downstream of a dam A3
Résumé Bonnefond M., Corbonnois J., Chardon V., Rodrigues S., Cali J., Verdun J., Simonetto E., Tchekpo W., Labergerie E., Juge P. FRANCE Measures of river erosion in a low-energy river (Le Loir, Maine basin- France) A4
Résumé Laval F., Vento O., Guilmin E., Koulinski V., Breilh B. FRANCE Upper Drac River project: restoration of a braided river bed incised in clay substratum through sediment reloading and bed widening. First experience feedback one year after works A4
Résumé Boucher Y., Alibert M., Assani A. CANADA Analysis of the morphological evolution of a semi-alluvial river channel: the case of the Matawin River A4
Résumé Kidová A., Lehotský M. SLOVAKIA Changes of a braided-wandering river as a response to flood fluctuations during last 60 years inferred from aerial photographs (the Belá River - Slovakia) A4
Résumé Cremin E., Grivel S. FRANCE Living with or beside the river: Control of Brahmaputra’s hydrological dynamics v/s peasant mobility A4
Résumé Zawiejska J., Wyżga B.,
Radecki-Pawlik A.
POLAND Changes to the hydraulics of flood flows resulting from channel incision: Examples from Polish Carpathian rivers A4
Résumé Vezza P., Goltara A., Spairani M., Siviglia A., Zolezzi G., Boz B.,
Stellin D., Mammoliti Mochet A., Comoglio C., Parasiewicz P.
ITALY Using habitat indices to quantify the impact of hydromorphological alterations A4
Résumé Pothin V., Fleury J., Dussouillez P., Vella C., Vassas C., Tal M. FRANCE Evolution of the downstream reach of the Buech River upstream of a gravel trap (PAG) based on bed-elevation monitoring A4
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Résumé Meylan S., Sandoz S., Durand P., Barillier A. FRANCE Short-term biological colonization of an artificial river B4
Résumé Seignemartin G., Räpple B.,
Piégay H., Bertrand M., Talaska N., Gruel C.R.
FRANCE Estimated volume of fine sediments accumulated in the Rhône river margins at Péage-de-Roussillon: cumulative impact of embankment and by-passing B4
Résumé Metz M., Egger G., Díaz M., Schmidtlein S., Dister E.,
Garófano-Gómez V., Steiger J., Hortobágyi B., Corenblit D.
GERMANY Process-oriented ecological analysis of a dynamic riparian ecosystem: the lower river Allier (France) B4
Résumé Lóczy D. HUNGARY Water budget of an oxbow lake in the Drava River floodplain B5
Résumé Brenot A. FRANCE Surface water–groundwater interactions in an alluvial valley: combining tools for a better understanding of the recharge capacity of the Isere River alluvial aquifer for the neighborhood of Albertville city B5
Résumé Bellenger M.C., Machemehl C.,
Sirost O.
FRANCE Conveyors of nature facing renaturation. Hunters, gatherers, fishermen in the Seine Valley C3
Résumé Schmitt L., Serouilou J.,
Beisel J.-N.
FRANCE Restoration projects in the Upper Rhine River: towards the implementation of a transboundary and transdisciplinary observatory? C3
Résumé David G., Cenderelli D. USA An international review of rehabilitation techniques used to prevent headcut migration and channel incision C3
Résumé Ruin E. FRANCE Interorganisational performant relationships to contribute to the development of the river transport on the Rhône C5
Résumé Paran F., Conord C., Dujardin F., Doumas M., Cottet M., Joliveau T., Gunnel Y. FRANCE A picture library for the Rhône River: an experience of citizen science C5
Résumé Santoni L. FRANCE Territorial water governance of the Durance River C5
Résumé Martins P., Poleto C., Jerônimo G. BRAZIL Study of Water Resources Plans as a tool in the management of Integrated Watershed C5
Résumé Meire P. BELGIUM The river Scheldt: a laboratory for sustainable management? C5
Résumé Arnaud F., Piégay H., Wawrzyniak V., Lejot J., Collery P., Michel K., Bultingaire L., Drissi N., Tissot C. FRANCE Characterization of aquatic habitats and sedimentary dynamic on a regulated gravel bed river D3
Résumé Joineau V. FRANCE Between hydraulic structures and anthropogenic events. About impacts of forms and historical process of anthropisation on anthroposystem and fluvial landscape: the exemple of Dordogne river and the lower valley of Garonne river (XIIIe-XXIe century) D3
Résumé Berger J.-F., Salvador P.-G. FRANCE A record of climate forcing and human impact on the functioning and evolution of palaeochannels of the Rhone: seeking an analogue to the current warming; initial results from the site of the Platière and Basses Dauphinoises floodplains D3
Résumé Wantzen K.M., Ballouche A., Longuet I. FRANCE UNESCO Chair «River Culture/Fleuves et Patrimoine» D3
Résumé Poirel A., Langlais S., Duvert C., Baron V. FRANCE Thermal evolution of the Rhône River: using long-term time-series temperature data to distinguish between the influence of climate change and the effects of water resource infrastructure along the river D4
Résumé Mérigoux S., Capra H., Cattanéo F. FRANCE Hydroecological monitoring around Bugey nuclear power plant and long-term changes of fish community structure D4
Résumé Pothier Champagne A., Assani A., Sylvain J.-M. CANADA Impacts of the strongest El Niño episodes on characteristics of annual minimum streamflow in southern Quebec D4
Résumé Schmidt S., Bernard C.,
Lamouroux M., Ventura A.,
Escalier J.-M., Etcheber H.
FRANCE Assessing and managing the risks of hypoxia in transitional waters: a case study in the Gironde estuary (South-West France) D5
Résumé Marçais J., Piot C., Fanget P.,
Némery J., Thollet F., Naffrechoux E., Besombes J.-L.
FRANCE Transfer of PCB and PAH from the atmosphere to the Arc river (French Alps) D5
Résumé Le Bescond C., Thollet F., Le Coz J., Launay M., Angot H., Coquery M., Gairoard S., Radakovitch O.,
Antonelli C., Eyrolle-Boyer F.,
Pairaud I., Raimbault P.
FRANCE Observation strategy for quantifying particulate contaminant fluxes along the Rhône River: the Rhône Sediment Observatory (OSR) D5
Résumé Pons M.-N. FRANCE Relations between organic carbon and chemical/biological oxygen demands in French rivers D5
Résumé Eyrolle-Boyer F., Antonelli C., Raimbault P. FRANCE SORA Observatory Station in Arles - Origin and current status of radioactivity levels in the Rhône River D5

Thursday 25 June, 2015 - Closing plenary

Résumé Michel Raffin Michel Raffin,
President of the ‘Alliance des Rhodaniens’ (a Rhone stakeholder network), France
Roots and cultural references to construct a sustainable river: the example of the Rhone
Résumé Erik Swyngedouw Erik Swyngedouw,
Professor of geography,
School of Environment and Development, Manchester University, UK
Reconfiguring hydro-social territories in Spain

Thursday 25 June, 2015 - Oral presentations

A7 - Organisms and environmental constraints - Thursday 8.30-10.15
  Time List of authors Country Title Room
Résumé 8:30 Morel A., Dumont B., Pujol A.,
Archambaud G., Bêche L.
FRANCE Recolonization dynamics of benthic macroinvertebrates following a sediment unclogging event in a regulated section of the Durance River A
Résumé 8:50 Cattanéo F., Gouraud V., Tissot L.,
Barillier A., Carrel G., Chappaz R., Beaudou D., Baril D.
SWITZERLAND Spring floods and temperature are main drivers of the fish assemblage of a Mediterranean regulated river (Durance River, France) A
Résumé 9:10 Carrel G., Testi B., Meynard M., Veslot J., Olivier J., Persat H., Fruget J.-F., Centofanti M., Capra H., Lamouroux N., Poirel A. FRANCE Regional size variability of young-of-the-year roach Rutilus rutilus (L.) and chub Squalius cephalus (L.) in the Rhône River, France A
Résumé 9:30 Beauger A., Peiry J.-L.,
Garreau A., Voldoire O.
FRANCE Benthic diatom and macroinvertebrate communities from the impacted bypass channel of Poutès, upper Allier River (France): preliminary results before the dam removal A
B7 - Vegetation and fluvial dynamics - Thursday 8.30-10.15
Résumé 8:30 Scott M., Dixon M., Johnson W.C., Volke M. USA Landscape level changes in riparian forest ecosystems following flow regulation along the Missouri River, USA: implications for long-term natural resource management B
Résumé 8:50 Gurnell A., O'hare M., Corenblit D.,
García De Jalón D.,
González Del Tánago M., Grabowski R.
UNITED KINGDOM Conceptualising Hydrogeomorphology – Vegetation Interactions along River Corridors B
Résumé 9:10 Jourdain C., Belleudy P., Tal M.,
Malavoi J.-R.
FRANCE The role of high flow events on sediment transport and deposition on vegetated bars of the Isere River B
Résumé 9:30 Villar M., Augustin S., Chantereau M., Chevalier R., Denux O., Dubois A., Guerin V., Greulich S., Hemeray D., Jorge V., Marin S., Martin H., Ndiaye A., Rodrigues S., Rossi J.-P., Wintenberger C. FRANCE Impacts of fluvial maintenance operations on some biodiversity components within the island mosaic of Mareau-aux-prés (Loire river) B
C7 - Floods and society - Thursday 8.30-10.30
Résumé 8:30 Honegger A. FRANCE Rhone floods inheritance: lessons from a "revisit" ten years after the catastrophe of 2003 in Arles C
Résumé 8:50 Servain S., Andrieu D., Douvinet J.,
Graillot D., Paran F.
FRANCE Valuing the words of local actors in preventive measures – For feedback on vulnerability to flooding in three towns of the Loire basin C
Résumé 9:10 Luster R. USA Large-scale flood damage reduction and ecosystem restoration projects on a regulated river (California, USA) C
Résumé 9:30 Wyżga B., Przebięda M., Paweł M., Radecki-Pawlik A., Amirowicz A.,
Oglęcki P., Zawiejska J.
POLAND Environment-friendly reduction of flood risk and infrastructure damage in a mountain river: case study of the Czarny Dunajec C
Résumé 9:50 Labeur C., Le Lay Y.-F.,
Rivière-Honegger A.
FRANCE Crossed perceptions of river sediments through a photo-questionnaire: The perspective of managers, scientists and residents of Isere and Arc rivers (French Alps) C
D7 - Dynamics and release of suspended solids - Thursday 8.30-10.15
Résumé 8:30 Armani G. FRANCE The release of sediments accumulated in the upper Rhône dam: a revealing event of the complexity of contemporary river management D
Résumé 8:50 Grimardias D., Guillard J.,
Nawratil De Bono C., Diouf S.,
Zanasco J.-L., Cattanéo F.
SWITZERLAND Impact of the Verbois reservoir flushing in 2012: how did fish survive 'the apocalypse'? D
Résumé 9:10 Filizola N., Oliveira T., Armijos E.,
Zumak A., Fraizy P., Alfenas J.,
Sampaio F., Fenzl N.
BRAZIL An Amazonian fluvial survey and its contributions to a strategic action plan on the water resource management on the world biggest watershed D
Résumé 9:30 Dugué V., Le Coz J., Camenen B.,
Faure J.-B., Walter C., Andries E.,
Launay M.
FRANCE A 1-D hydro-sedimentary numerical model to improve the understanding of suspended particulate matters and contaminant fluxes in the Rhône River D